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Who we are

At present, Trànsit Projectes is leading 5 Cultural centres in Barcelona (Convent de Sant Agustí, Pati Llimona, Cotxeres Borrell, Casa Sagnier and Pati del Rellotge) in Barcelona city and 2 centres in Sabadell (Barcelona): ESPAICULTURA and MEDIAESTRUCH.

At Trànsit Projectes we believe in an open, committed and sustainable culture; a tool for empowering people. A space without center or periphery. We strive to always work in collaboration, whilst seeking innovation, exploring new avenues in technology and expanding cultural and social horizons.

Our role in the project

In the ACT project we and NTGent s.o.n. will work towards generating a live performance with all the accessibility features in the project.The performance will be used as a showcase.
We'll produce a pair of Hackathons: a Hackathon is a one-day event where software developers, artists and experts from different backgrounds cooperate actively on a common project. The ACT Hackathon tries to rethink the "accessibility problem" and turn it into an "accessibility opportunity" by a multi-profile group

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