A massive open online course (MOOC) will be designed. The MOOC will be in the six languages of the project, with subtitles in the other languages, and accessible in itself. The MOOC will be led by Antwerp University but all partners will input in the design and course creation. The MOOC is the basis for open training, which will also have an ad hoc certificate issued by EACQ granted after some exams have been passed. The MOOC will be complementary learning material for the course which will be designed by the partners of the project to become to become university training in future.
The following steps have been determined from a general perspective on the components and functioning of MOOCs but will be based on / fed by the Intellectual Outputs 1, 2 and 3 of ACT.

The provisional structure for the MOOC can be downloaded here: PROVISIONAL MOOC STRUCTURE


Subscribe to the course here: ACCESSIBILITY TO THE SCENIC ARTS

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