The ACT project organises this year UNLIMITED! 2

The provisional programme, updated on 18.11.17, is available from this link.

 6th June 2018

08:3009:00 Registration
09:0009:15 Welcome address by Anna Matamala (TransMedia Catalonia, UAB)
09:1510:30 ACT PANEL, chaired by Pilar Orero (TransMedia Catalonia, UAB), and with participants from the project partners: Sharon Black (Queen’s University Belfast, UK), Gert Vercauteren (University of Antwerp), University of Vienna, ECQA, Generalitat de Catalunya, Enter, Saartje Cauwenbergh (NTGhent), Lina Bautista (Trànsit).

Discussion: 25 minutes.


            Coffee break (10:30-11:00)
11:0013:30 PANEL 1. LIVE EVENTS

Chair: Aline Remael (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

  • Joel Snyder (American Council of the Blind/ Audio Description Project, USA): No problem: We’ll Do It LIVE! – Here Comes The Sun and There Goes The President. 20’
  • Nazaret Fresno, Katarzyna Sepielak, Maciej Krawczyk (The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley, USA): Super Bowl for All. 15’
  • Anna Jankowska, Agata Psiuk, Regina Mynarska (Seventh Sense Foundation, Poland), Katarzyna Śmigielska (Krakow Festival Office, Poland): Audio Description Live in Concert. 15’
  • Daniele Gabrielli (Università degli Studi di Macerata, Italy): Communicating Accessibility: A First Analysis of Opera in Europe. 15’
  • David Vialard (Texas Tech University, USA): Walking the Tightrope, Working without a Net—Audio Description comes to the Gamma Phi Circus. 15’
  • María Olalla Luque (University of Granada, Spain) & Silvia Soler (University of Colorado, USA): Feelingn the Alhambra: An Accessible Project for Visually Impaired Visitors at the Alhambra of Granada. 15’
  • Martin Zwischenberger (University of Teacher Education, Graz, Austria): Live Audiodescription Special Olympics 2017. 15’
  • Discussion: 35 minutes.


Lunch break (13:30-14:30) Sandwiches will be offered to participants

Chair: Sharon Black (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)

  • Louise Fryer (UCL/VocalEyes, UK): Everything but the AD. 20’
  • Ivan Borshchevsky & Alexey Kozulyaev (RuFilm LLC, Russia): Different Approaches to the AD in Russia: How to Improve the AD Quality? 20’
  • Aline Remael, Gert Vercauteren & Nina Reviers (University of Antwerp, Belgium): Designing a Modular AD Course: Didactic Challenges and Solutions. 20’
  • Elisa Perego (University of Trieste, Italy): Museum Goes to the University: a Sharable Model of Sensitization. 20’
  • Monika Szczygielska  & Łukasz Stanisław (, University of Warsaw, Poland) Making accessibility more accessible. 20’
  • Discussion: 30 minutes.
Coffee break (16:45-17:15)
17:15-18:45 PANEL 3. Live subtitling

Chair: TBC (University of Vienna)

  • Zoe Moores (University of Roehampton, UK): Respeaking at Live Events – Increasing Access for All. 20’
  • Łukasz Stanisław (, University of Warsaw, Poland) & Monika Szczygielska  (, Widzialni Foundation, Poland): Quality in the Eye of the Beholder? Quality measures and user satisfaction in live subtitling. 20’
  • Pablo Romero-Fresco (Universidade de Vigo, Spain/University of Roehampton, UK): Theatre captions through the looking glasses. 20’
  • Discussion: 30 minutes.
18:45-19:00 Closing remarks by Pilar Orero


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