ACT at EU DG Translation Workshop

Workshop «Audio-visual translation and access for people with disabilities»

The Athens Filed Office, Directorate General for Translation, European Commission, in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University organise a "Translating Europe" Workshop on Friday 2 December 2016 (8:30-17:00) at the Auditorium of the Ionian University in Corfu (72 Ioannou Theotoki Street, GR-491 00 Corfu).
Audio-visual translation (AVT) (also known as film or screen translation) may cover many types of translation and not only subtitling for a movie or a DVD. It covers localisation for video games as well as subtitling for deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH) and audio description (AD) i.e. screen description of pictures for blind and partially sighted persons. As 90 million adult Europeans have hearing problems and 8 million have vision problems, accessibility of people with disabilities to the media is a major issue for EU legislation. In particular, it recognises that the right of persons with a disability and of the elderly to participate and be integrated in the social and cultural life of the Union is inextricably linked to the provision of accessible audio-visual media services. Thus, Article 7 of Directive 2010/13/EU (Audio- visual Media Services Directive) explicitly provides that "Member States shall encourage media service providers under their jurisdiction to ensure that their services are gradually made accessible to people with a visual or hearing disability", while it makes particular reference to sign language, subtitling and audio-description.
Objective of the Workshop. The workshop will deal with subtitling, SDH and audio description for all types of audio-visual products in view of ensuring better accessibility for people with disabilities. It will focus on ways of improving the current implementation of Article 7 of the Audio-visual Media Services Directive in Greece as well as similar accessibility issues in the context of the implementation of the Digital Single Market. The workshop will also showcase the importance of AVT as an academic field of study and will aim at increasing it visibility and integration into current programmes of study for translators and interpreters. Finally, it will stress the importance of collaboration between government, academia, the industry and the associations of people with disabilities.
Target audience: Translators and academics dealing with audio-visual translation; experts in support of people with disabilities; AVT industry representatives; Media industry representatives; students of the above subjects.
The first part of the Workshop will take place mostly in English. Participation is by invitation only. More information: PANAGIOTIS ALEVANTIS, Athens Field Officer, DGT, European Commission,
Anna Matamala (UAB) presented ACT.

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